Where tradition meets inovation


The Nad Sklepy winery continues the family winemaking tradition from the mid-20th century, which is now developed by cellar master Vítek Dočkal in the village of Bulhary in the Mikulovská Wine Sub-region. The winery got its name from the Nad Sklepy wine route, where a total of 16 wine varieties are found on 3 hectares of land. The original cellar farm has undergone a major modernisation and today new grape processing technologies, a controlled fermentation and bottling system and modern vinification methods enable the production of approximately 25 000 bottles per year.

Diversity of production

The winery’s philosophy is to produce semi-dry and semi-sweet, preferably light and juicy wines exclusively with the typical “Pálava” bouquet of foreign fruits or flowering meadows. The varieties in which Nad Sklepy winery directly specializes are Sylvaner, Riesling, Chardonnay and Traminer. The wines of Nad Sklepy reflect the best that can be combined: the personality and fine approach of small wineries and the innovation and modern technology of large ones.

Wine bar



Since 2012, the family winery has also included a “Blue Wine Bar” with a presentation cellar. The wine bar building is part of the Dietrichstein Courtyard, which is located in the centre of the village of Bulhary, and can be easily found when wandering along the circular cycle Mikulov Wine Route. Inside this former forge you can now taste wines from the Nad Sklepy winery along with delicious cheeses, pork crackling spread or homemade cakes.


The Blue Wine Bar is open from June to October and offers a wide selection of wines, from dry to naturally sweet, fortified wines or special summer drinks such as Aperol Nad Sklepy, Perlivín with watermelon or Martini 007. You can book a guided wine tasting in the presentation cellar and learn more about our production and the uniqueness of the wine varieties offered. The wine bar also offers outdoor seating in the indoor area of the Dietrichstein Courtyard, providing facilities for cyclists and families with children.

nabídka vín

Dietrichstein Courtyard


The history of the courtyard dates back to the 16th century, when it was one of the most important servant manors of the Mikulov estate with a focus on livestock production. Especially in the 17th and 18th centuries, the manor was expanded several times to its present form. In 1945, the courtyard became the property of the Czechoslovak Republic and until the early 1990s it was managed first by the Czechoslovak Socialist Farm and then by the local agricultural cooperative (known as “JZD”).


The restoration of the Dietrichstein Courtyard in Bulhary with its more than 400 years of history has been taking place gradually since 2012, when the dilapidated court gained a new owner, winemaker Vít Dočkal. The courtyard, with an area of more than 0.6 hectares, has an incredible genius loci. Currently, the Blue Wine Bar, the Dietrichstein Restaurant and the tasting cellar of local winemakers operate in its premises. The courtyard environment with its farm animals invites you to contemplate undisturbed over a glass of wine.

Dietrichsteinský dvůr

The winemaker’s message

Phdr. Vít Dočkal, Ph.D.

In my opinion, wine is not born in the vineyard or cellar, it is born in the heart of the winemaker. That’s why there are so many different wines, even from the same vineyard or location. Every winemaker has his own cellar kitchen. However, all three conditions must always be met – a good grape, a good cellar and a good winemaker. But by good winemaker, I don’t just mean skill and expertise, but also an approach to life that must simply be nice, smiling and honest. Only such a winemaker can produce a nice, smiling and honest wine.

Phdr. Vít Dočkal, Ph.D.

The cellar master


PhDr. Vít Dočkal, Ph.D.
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